Holiday time is for your dogs too…


For us dog lovers out there, our dogs are such a big part of our families and they too deserve to have a holiday! It’s quite sad to think of them in the boarding kennels while their loved ones are away enjoying a holiday even though they may be well looked after you know they would rather be with you!

You don’t have to go abroad to have a great holiday as there are so many great places in Britain to take your dog on holiday too!

Beach holidays, countryside retreats, The Lakes, Yorkshire Moors, Scotland, Wales, Northumberland Coast, Devon, etc etc.

You can book Dog Friendly Cottages and Hotels, Lodges and Caravans with great beaches, woodland walks, hills, rivers etc. There are more and more places that cater for families and their dogs now including dog cafes, pubs and gardens.

Your holiday or weekend break can include a hot tub break (hot tubs not for dogs) for you to unwind and relax after a long walk in the fresh air with your dog! So you get to stay fit, active and healthy after a long walk and while your dog is laid flat out relaxed and content just to be with you on holiday, you then have your time to chill out and relax in your hot tub!

Please always remember though to take fresh bottled water with you when travelling, keep your dog cool in hot weather and NEVER leave your dog in the car, especially in hot weather!

If your dog doesnt travel well in the car here are a few best tips:

  • stop at regular intervals (away from busy roads and noise where possible)
  • keep fresh air coming into the car with a window open just a small part of the way
  • dont over fuss your dog as this can make them more anxious
  • dont feed your dog before travelling as this can make them feel sick and be sick
  • always make sure your dog is securely fastened in the car.

Dogs are great companions and a special part of our families, they love being with their family members and owners, so when you plan your next holiday consider taking your dog too and make lots of special memories!

Here are some dog friendly holiday websites for you to visit:,


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