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Problem? No problem….

People sometimes get worried about adopting a rescue dog thinking they are troubled and come with nothing but problems or issues. What they really come with is so much love and desperation to be loved and find their forever home. The problems or issues they come with depend on what previous life they have experienced. They may be very insecure, timid or very frightened but all they need is someone who understands, has the time and patience to help them and what you end up with is a very special loyal and loving companion that can fill your life with joy and happiness.

You tend to find that rescue dogs seem to know they are being given this second chance and they do show their appreciation. They do everything they can to try and fit in or prove themselves in some way, they know and they will show it, they just need time and someone who cares and is willing to give them that second chance.

So next time you are thinking of getting another dog, just take a few moments to think about the ones that really need that second chance. A dog that may once have had a loving home but their owners became ill or passed away and had no-one else to care for their beloved dog, or those dogs that have been neglected and beaten (and thats all they have ever known), so desperate to be loved, have a warm bed, good food and just need to be shown that not everyone is going to hurt them. Or those elderly dogs that have been stuck in a shelter for so long just because they are old they get overlooked because people want puppies but believe me older dogs are just as much fun, they may not be as fast on their legs but they give all the love back and just because they get old it doesnt mean they stop playing.

There are more and more dogs being abandoned , abused and neglected who just need that second chance, a little bit of love, a forever home, time and patience and then you will have a true loyal companion friend for life!

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    • Hi Iren, many thanks for your message, unfortunately I am unable to offer you any voluntary work at this point in time as it is just a website I have other than my own rescue dogs. I dont have a centre or a dog shelter as yet, but my aim is to help as many dogs and dog charities as possible. You could help me spread the word. There are photo competitions every month which enables people to send in their dog photos to the website with the opportunity to win a monetary prize and proceeds go to dog charities. I hope this helps. Kind regards. DingDog

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