Dog owners live longer…

Like in the picture… dog owners live longer due to all the extra love!

Well it is true, research has shown that dog owners do live longer that people without dogs.

And how good is your life with having a dog in it? Well to me (having three dogs) I can definitely say I wouldn’t be without them, I love having dogs in my life, they are my family and a very special part of my life. They bring me so much joy and certainly keep me busy as well as filling my life with so many wonderful things which include fun, happiness, love, cuddles, great companionship and definitely plenty of exercise. I would never get a chance to be bored!

Research has also shown that people who have dogs in their life live longer than those who don’t. How can this be you may ask? Well, when you own a dog there comes a lot of responsibility and that includes regular walks no matter what the weather and as we know walking is exercising and that in itself is good for our health.

Another reason is when you are stroking or cuddling your dog it relaxes not only you but your dog too creating feelings of contentment and also releasing calming hormones. I find coming home after a stressful day at work, opening the door and receiving that warm loving greeting by my dogs is so rewarding and makes my day worthwhile.

Stroking your dog can trigger the release of the bonding hormone oxytocin while also lowering your heart rate and blood pressure. Stroking your dog can also soothe and calm them if they are upset or anxious.

So your dog is not just your loving family pet, he/she also serves a great benefit by helping reduce stress, lower blood pressure, having fun and helping you become more active and I’m sure we could add more to the list!

To me there is nothing like a good walk along the beach with my faithful companions, or a walk in the countryside, playing on a field throwing a ball, playing chase or playing hide the toy in the garden or house with my dogs. I also enjoy cuddling up on the sofa with them after a long walk which I find relaxing…whatever it is, your dog can be the best medicine for a number of life’s stresses, so it’s all about living a happier, healthier life with a dog (or two or three) in it! A dog can bring so much happiness (and health benefits) into a person’s life along with unconditional love!

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  1. Love this article, my dog is so special to me too and my reason for getting out of bed every morning. Here’s to all those dog lovers out there.

  2. Everyone should have a dog in their life! Mine is a true saviour and so special to me. Great companion too, knows all my secrets. Great website.

    • Many thanks for your comment Darren on my website, I agree everyone (well every decent person) should have a dog in their life. Mine too are true saviours, so special and little Angels and they give me good reason to look forward to the next hour yet alone the next day! We need to spread the word and help dog charities and rescue centres etc and help all those dogs that need it find their forever home!

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