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April 2019: Itch – no itch…

Now that the weather is starting to get warmer, the grass is greener and the trees are starting to get their leaves and colour back, it’s also a time when fleas and ticks are ready to jump on your dog and give them an uncomfortable time of itching and constant scratching, as well as you taking the little blighters back home with you!

So Ding Dog is spreading the word to every dog owner out there to say if you haven’t already protected your dog with a flea/tick treatment now is the time to do it. I personally protect my dogs with the flea treatment direct from the vets. It is in the form of a meaty type tablet and protects your dog for up to 3 months. There are many different products on the market including flea collars, Frontline, Spot-On, Flea tablets, Flea shampoos and if you are not sure which one to use for your dog just have a word with your vet who will advise on the best product to use. Remember to always read the labels as flea/tick treatments is still a form of medication and they do go off the size/weight of your dog!

So protect your dog, dont delay and keep those fleas and ticks away!


27th March 2019: Dog shelters always need help, they depend on donations to help save lives and look after homeless, abandoned and abused dogs. You can use your spring cleaning to get rid of old things you’re not using any more and donate them to dog shelters to help them not only save lives but make the lives of those dogs a little more comfortable. Items you can donate include towels, dog beds, dog coats or jumpers and good condition dog toys. You can donate them at your local dog shelter, they will always appreciate them.


Ding Dog’s new photo competition is open for entries on the 1st May, so get your doggie pics sorted and sent in for a chance to win £25. The winning picture will be displayed on the website. Ding Dog will be donating to different dog charities of which we will keep you updated in our news column.

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